Principal's Speak

Dear Parents,
Vidyodaya international school marked the humbleof beginning of a gratifying odyssey in 2015 , bearing a vision of sculpting the world of education with undying verve. As time flipped it’s pages, the school it’s canvas with tireless strife and with each stroke of brush; it grew a step closer to making its own master piece.
The century has seen a total change in the educational scenario . With the influx of myriad forms of technological advancement in this field and otherwise, the youth is bombarded with a multitude of information which needs to be channelizedin the proper direction.
In our quest to achieve the best for our students we organize our schedule in a unique manner organising many activities direct to honing the young into fine individuals. It is our fervent endeavour to revolutionize our system of education.In turning a new leaf our students shall be on forest stage whereas the teachers shall take a backseat and guide from behind the scenes.
Our teachers have been trained to deal effectively with this altered methodology and to be absolutely up to date in this regard and march a step ahead to see they prepare the students to stand firmly on the global competitive platform and come out with flying colors.
We believe in motivating a child to become a good human being and grow wings of ambition and help him soar like a falcon to touch the sky.
We believe in teaching a child to experience and appreciate the real wonders of the world and create a symphony in his heart which excudes pure music.
We believe that this journey of excellence will never be over. For us, this journey itself is the destination......
Educationally yours

Mr. Arvind Shukla