House System

For the purpose of Inter House Competitions & Meets, all the students of the school are divided into four houses. The four Houses Grey, Sky Blue, Sea Green, Lemon Yellow are co-educational in nature. Each of the Houses will be headed by a House Master, a Housemistress. Each House has its own motto and flag. All school activities and competitions are organised on the basis of House System. The role of the House Master/Mistress will be to prepare and guide the students for inter house activities which will be regulated by the different clubs and societies of the school. Inter-house activities and competitions are conducted throughout the year to develop the spirit of competition as well as team work among students. Special Assemblies are also conducted by houses on various occasions. 

House Name and Colour

 House Name  Colour  Inspired By
 Raman  Grey  Ramanujan - Great Mathematician
 Bhabha  Sky Blue  Homi Jahangir Scientist
 Kalam  Sea Green  A. P. J. Abdul - Missile Man
 Bose  Lemon Yellow  Jagdish Chandra Scientist